Food Prep Embossing Hybrid Gloves(TPE)

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Most of works need non-slip gloves, because they need to catch tools. We create and developed new type diamond embossing TPE gloves, to meet customers’ requirements. Though it still can’t be as sticky as hands and Nitrile gloves, but can meet most works, and also when you wear it, you will feel more and more sticky.

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We also call disposable TPE gloves Thermoplastic Elastomer gloves or Tensile PE gloves. So good tensile and better elongation are their most performance, it feels soft, strong, fit hands well. Some types feel slip on the surface, some customers require it non-slip, the sticky film will help them catch things better. Especially in the wet kitchen and labs. But for some sticky food, like cakes, noodles, bread, slip gloves will help more when workers making them.

It has influenced little of the gloves industry before 2020, To be exact, before COVID-19. Because this TPE glove is very few demand in the world, and the price is close to PVC gloves, not many users prefer to change to use the TPE glove. But the number of users increases every year, not only the price but also the environment. TPE gloves are all thinner than vinyl gloves, which means no matter during manufactured or destroy. It will use less energy, and also it not use plasticization, so it will be helpful to the environment too.

Today, after COVID-19, more and more persons try to use it to replace PVC, Vinyl, and Nitrile gloves, and we think it will use more in the future, and also will promote the development of the TPE glove and material industry.

Because disposable TPE gloves are made heat sealed, medical purposes don’t like to use them. But sometimes it still can be used in hospitals for nursing or checking, examination, inspect.

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钻石 TPE 5
钻石 TPE 7
钻石TPE 2
钻石TPE 4

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