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Each pack of 100 gloves comes attached to a cardboard header with easy opening, making for fast donning of gloves! Simply insert your hand into the opening and the glove is released from the header at its perforated top. The poly film keeps moisture out and also fits looser than latex or nitrile. Plus, the clear polyethylene gloves are powder-free to eliminate impurity.

These disposable gloves are part of a "touchless" system. The clear polyethylene gloves come on a cardboard header with easy opening for quick donning of gloves. You can place the packet of gloves on the dispenser (sold separately) and then just insert your hand. The gloves are then released from the header at the perforated top. This allows for an optimal level of hygiene and food safety in your establishment.



These disposable poly gloves are an excellent option for foodservice applications requiring frequent changes and when extra strength is required.

Food handling blue poly gloves are made of strong, durable high-density polyethylene material with embossed texture for secure grip; Not made with natural rubber latex, powder-free.

In addition, the clear polyethylene gloves are powder-free to eliminate contamination.

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Crafted from a strong and durable material, they are tear resistant. These poly gloves have an embossed texture that gives the user a secure grip on the ingredients they are handling. The vibrant blue color ensures visibility. If these blue plastic gloves are accidently cut while working with sharp utensils, even the smallest piece can be clearly seen in food, preventing any unsavory surprises from reaching the customer. An ambidextrous fit makes these Disposable Plastic Poly Gloves easy to put on, and remove. These poly gloves also have a convenient hang-tab construction, enabling easy single-handed donning. They are made latex free in order to be allergy safe, protecting the gloves users as well as the people who they are preparing food for. Food prep gloves are an important aspect of any modern kitchen.


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