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Cake decoration piping bags are sturdy and hold the couplers really well. The stability also makes it easy to fill. You are able to change the pastry bag tips & ties without the bag ripping. Even though these tipless piping bags are disposable, you can wash and reuse them in a pinch.

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Double Thickening Design Bags:Piping Bags made of strong, thick plastic which can withstand powerful extrusion, which is a thickened pastry bags thicker than compared to the market, not easy to burst or split. Perfect for icing cakes, as well as piping cream, chocolate and mashed potato, and other soft food or for cake decorating

Safe and Durable piping bags

These cookie decorating tools are mainly made of plastic and silicone material, durable and safe to use, non-toxic and no odd smell, lightweight and portable to use, good material can ensure you long lasting use

Cakes and Beyond

These cake decorating bags are perfect for projects that require multiple colors with a small quantity. Use for cake icing, pastries, cupcakes, cookies decor, chocolate garnishing, thick buttercream frosting, macaron and to add finer detail to your dessert and much more.

Easy to Use Time Saving Piping Bags, just need to cut the bottom corner off with some scissors and insert your piping nozzle inside. Put your bag inside a tall glass and fold the edges over so you can fill your piping bag up easier.

Disposable Piping Bags NO Washing Up

All the Piping Bags are less washing up for you! Piping bags are so hard to clean save yourself some time with our cookies bags. It will take you a while to get through 100 piping bags!

Piping bag size

8’’  11’’  15’’  16‘’ 18’’  21’’ 25‘’ or can be as your request.

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