TPE Diamond Embossed Disposable Gloves

Our R&D department used special technology designing the latest TPE gloves with stickiness, also known as TPE Diamond Embossed Disposable Gloves.Compared with common TPE gloves, it has better friction and better ability to grasp things, so that it’s not easy to slip when we put on the gloves.Compared with common PE and PVC plastic gloves, our TPE gloves is more soft, flexible and resilient, also it has better anti-static property than Latex gloves without strange odour.




Our TPE gloves is more easy to wear, and it can keep original form at many draw and good adhibition.There is no natural latex components in this kind of gloves, and no allergic reaction to human skin. It is not easy to rip and more elastic.

Our gloves is durable and can replace the latex gloves in some area as it has lower price. It is recycle, environmental, and toxic-free. The material of our gloves does not contain latex or protein, so that it won’t cause allergic reaction.

The shape of gloves is designed according to the shape of human hand, which has great sensitivity, good tensile properties and puncture resistance, as well as high tensile strength and good wear resistance.

Post time: Jun-16-2022